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Does this mark the end of Facebook’s Newsfeed for Publishers?

A statement by Adam Mosseri, the vice president of NewsFeed, claims that the new algorithm will highlight content across the Facebook platform.


He then proceeds to reassure: “The new algorithm that Facebook aims to launch won’t kill publisher’s posts, in fact you will see more items from publisher and company pages you previously interacted with especially if your Facebook friends are interacting with them.”


But what does that mean?


The new tweak could mean more traffic to groups and official pages from publishers and businesses when their posts are considered meaningful. In fact, the new algorithm will be more about interactions between people so, if you and I had a back and forth conversation on a post from a page, that conversation will count as an interaction and we will see more posts related to that page. On another hand, publisher posts that don’t get any meaningful engagement wouldn’t appear as frequently.


The new change is to combat flood of content rather than combating publishers and companies. This change is a response to some publishers posting more content because they received financial benefits when people click on their posts.


Facebook believes the new algorithm will allow people to have more valuable content and will allow them to interact more rather than watch passively.


Mr. Mosseri concludes: “We hope that the time spent on Facebook, though overall it will go down, is time well-spent or time better spent”

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