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ITWorksME‘s automatic scalable infrastructure allowed AlSumaria to intelligently route video streams


ITWorksME‘s automatic scalable infrastructure
allowed AlSumaria to intelligently route video

  • 24/7

    Programs in-house


AlSumaria is an independent Iraqi Satellite TV Network established in 2004. Today AlSumaria employs a team of 700 people across Iraq, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Jordan. AlSumaria TV produces almost all of its 24/7 programs in-house and offers a varied grid of live entertainment, social, political, and game shows hosted by young Iraqis, in addition to drama and comedy series starred, directed and produced for an Iraqi audience.  The station embraces a message of reconstruction and unity with a media strategy directed to all Iraqi in Iraq and around the world regardless of direction, orientation, and gender.


  • Finding a cost effective and stable way to deliver streaming media to a targeted but dispersed audience
  • Scaling for a local networks suffering from low bandwidth and to small audiences spread around the world
  • Customize a white label dedicated player and VODPlatform to AlSumaria TV Network’s exact requirements



ITWorksME‘s automatic scalable infrastructure via CDN allows Alsumaria to intelligently route video streams based on geographic location within and outside of Iraq. ITWorksME’s power VODPlatform™ server infrastructure minimizes latency for end users, and maximizes network efficiency. VODPlatformTM streaming engine provides built-in recording to instantly archive live streams for on demand playback, editing, and distribution.


  • Live adaptive bitrate streaming, which adjusts video stream delivery in real time according to each viewer’s CPU capabilities and bandwidth
  • Origin-edge architecture for autoscaling capable of providing streaming media to an ever-fluctuating number of viewers worldwide
  • Video editing and trim features
  • Creation, viewing, and sharing of regular analytics and viewer traffic reports
  • Integration of clip sharing and other social media coding functionalities


  • ITWorksMe has helped boost our online visibility within our rich-media website by providing us with the best hosting solution and proving our viewers with a TV-like viewing experience from their laptops, tablets and mobiles.
  • VODPlatformTM meets our strict requirements for performance, back-end usability, customization, and speed.
  • Operating a website in a low connectivity market with possible latency means lost users, high bounce rates, and in turn loss of revenue. With ITWorksCDN and their network of global data centers we have actually increased live and on-demand playback speed and raised
  • By adopting ITWorksMe app security plan, we secured the protection of our website from malicious traffic and harmful requests but most importantly from targeted attacks.
  • As a leading media outlet in Iraq, we were looking for a dedicated VOD platform. Given our very positive experience with ITWorksMe’s various services, we also opted for their VODPlatformTM. Designed with simplicity and usability, and fully catered to media, VODPlatformTM is an end-to-end streaming solution. Every step of the distribution process is automated from capture to multi-platform delivery.
  • Out of all the services provided by ITWorksMe their ultimate winning horse is their support. They are available 24/7 to ensure that our website, app, streaming, and VOD platform are running smoothly and securely. They never procrastinate or say ‘the problem isn’t ours’. They are facilitators who manage all aspects of our online media broadcast delivery. Overtime they have become media broadcast consultants rather than just live streaming and VOD media service providers.


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