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ITWorksME met Rudaw’s need for multi-platform content distribution by significantly increasing viewership.


ITWorksME met Rudaw’s need for multi-platform
content distribution by significantly increasing


Rudaw is an Erbil-based Kurdish media network imparting news and information about Kurdistan and the Middle East. Those interested in Kurdistan and the Kurdish cause can follow the latest developments in both Kurdish and English through Rudaw’s multi-platform

  • Digital Portal

An online platform that provides live, on-demand and news coverage in Kurdistan’s two dialects. The website also publishes news and information in English.

  • Online Radio

A radio news channel that broadcasts on shortwave across the Middle East. Audiences from all over the world can listen to a live audio stream online.

  • Newspaper

Rudaw Newspaper is published on a weekly basis, with an online issue and hard copies sold in the Kurdistan Region and in Europe. In the Kurdistan edition, stories of interest to the local population are covered while the European edition features issues of interest to the Kurdish diaspora.

  • TV

A Kurdish news channel that broadcasts to the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. on NileSat and Hot Bird satellites in addition to being streamed live and on demand on the Rudaw portal.




A Global Network, a Local Flavor and Two Languages, Two dialects are Rudaw Media Network’s mottos and its mission. Headquartered in Kurdistan’s capital city with correspondents in various parts of the world, Rudaw Media Network has positioned itself as a reliable source of information and entertainment for everything Kurdish. Broadcasting in both Kurdish and English has brought a large audience from inside Kurdistan as well as throughout Europe and North America. In Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria and Iran Rudaw publishes in both the Sorani and Kurmanji dialects and uses both Roman and Arabic characters.

The challenge for Rudaw was to find the best online media broadcast partner who can accommodate its audience spread, dual-language, dual-dialect and multi-content delivery. Rudaw found in ITWorksME a partner who can package, publish and distribute music, radio and live TV in the form of streamed audio and video content in addition to fully exploiting YouTube, Twitter and Facebook around the idea of customization and ease of navigation.




ITworksME met Rudaw’s need for multi-platform content distribution by significantly increasing viewership. VOD-PLATFORMTM live stream on ITworksME AVS software and on the Radaw YouTube channel engaged the YouTube community and converted a larger number of viewers. Using the best encoding solution Radaw developers can create live, linear, or on-demand audio and video streaming applications for live events, news, streamed music and live radio. Our VOD-PLATFORMTM delivered video and audio streams to any player and any device, over any protocol, from our own single media server, saving on upload bandwidth while delivering the best-possible-quality streams to each user’s device



  • Recording live stream to files available for on-demand playback
  • Segment recorded webcasts into multiple files for chapter replay
  • Start/Stop recording at predetermined points for partial archiving
  • Transcoding streams for optimal viewer experience
  • Connecting to Radaw’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for easy sharing
  • Customizing posts for YouTube Channel subscribers and social media sites
  • Live Section on Radaw’s website includes music streaming, live TV, and live radio
  • Improving the quality of search results and verifying media channels as the official representation of Radaw in YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


  • ITWorksMe secure streaming server and password-protected player addressed our online security concern saving us time and money.
  • All the essential tools and services are there. Our video and audio files are always encoded to the best quality, playable with no buffering thanks to ITWorksME super-fast CDN
  • ITWorksME support engineers are always a phone call away, and once the issue is resolved we are immediately notified via sms or email
  • As a news portal we rely heavily on social media news feeds, so it was essential to work with a streaming provider who can support our social media platform. The VOD-PLATFORM™ player is compatible with Twitter player cards enabling us to embed our video content directly in our account on the Twitter site and mobile app. Also, whenever anyone tweets a link to an embedded video on our site that video will be directly embedded and playable within their Twitter feed as well. Same goes for Facebook, we post through the VOD-PLATFORM™ player’s share button with active or passive sharing.
  • As the number one online source for Kurdish news, culture and entertainment, we have worked with ITWorksME to develop our cross-platform delivering engaging, innovative and rich content to different audiences seamlessly and in a timely manner.
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