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LBCI : Audio on demand is one of ITWorksMe-AVS most valuable and heavily used features for our audience in areas


LBCI : Audio on demand is one of ITWorksMe-AVS
most valuable and heavily used features for our
audience in areas


The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, widely known as LBCI, is the first private television station in Lebanon. LBCI was founded in 1992 by acquiring the assets, liabilities and logo of LBC, an entity founded in 1985 during the Lebanese Civil War. LBCI went global in 1996 when it launched LBC EUROPE covering the Arab World and Europe, LBC AMERICA in the American continent and LBC AUSTRALIA in Asia and Australia. It recently launched an entertainment channel in Lebanon, LB2.

LBCI has persistently broken new ground extending its reach to a worldwide Arab-speaking audience by anticipating and adapting to changes in the media environment and integrating innovative technologies.


A turnkey solution for Hosting, CDN, Video CMS, Transcoding, Secure, Online Video Player, Website and Apps for Mobile and TV that integrates with LBCI existing systems.

LBCI needed to transcode a pool of TV channels through a flexible setup with the capability to change and expand quickly and configuration for mobiles, browsers, and tablets for live and on-demand broadcasting.


An integrated solution that delivers a stable and flexible OTT platform for live and on-demand TV (including replay TV for playing missed episodes, restart TV so users can start watching an in-progress program from the beginning while it’s airing live) while meeting the highest standards of streaming quality and security. The solution enables multi-bitrate delivery of protected live and on-demand TV and video content across tablets, smartphones, connected set-top boxes, and computing platforms.


  • Flexible system to set up and configure with ITWorksME-AVSTM and VODPlatformTM
  • Ability to scale at server level and expand viewers’ offerings based on the VODPlatform™ software features
  • A single deployable and fully controlled cloud-based Video CMS-based admin panel
  • Live adaptive bitrate streaming which adjusts video stream delivery in real time according to each viewer’s CPU capabilities and bandwidth
  • User friendly platform to control and edit videos


  • We wanted to work with a market-tested Video Streaming platform that we trust to be utilizing the latest and best technology out there and we also wanted someone with deep insight and understanding of the needs and requirements of an Arab-speaking large scale Media Broadcasting Network.
  • We wanted the faster scalability and speed to market available in today’s market with full CMS flexibility for customization of solutions tailored to LBCI’s network of channels’ unique needs
  • Publishing live to social media has boosted our viewership and increased lbci’s webpage reach
  • Honoring contractual agreements and geo-restrictions is very important to us and VODPlatformTM geo-blocking feature makes it very easy to manage and keep track.
  • Comprehensive metrics analytics is one feature of the ITWorksMe-AVSTM that has been extremely valuable to LBCI. It allows us to continuously monitor online video quality, measure audience behavior, and adapt video quality across the internet. We have extensively used this feature for Lebanese audiences during political and security events.
  • Since we started working with ITWorksME we have never had an issue with any of the major widely used Ad networks
  • Live OTT and VOD viewership has increased, we have consistently received positive feedback from our audiences worldwide and viewers have shown strong signs of engagement through our social media channels
  • Audio on demand is one of ITWorksMe-AVSTM most valuable and heavily used features for our audience in areas with very low bandwidth and/or no video stream capabilities.
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