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ITWorksME and MTV are working together to fulfill a vision for an end-to-end broadcasting experience


ITWorksME and MTV are working together to fulfill
a vision for an end-to-end broadcasting experience

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MTV Lebanon is a leading independent media station in Lebanon and the Arab world catering to the complexity and richness of a wide viewership by creating a balanced mix of local, Arab, and western media content, with a special emphasis on producing local programming that is tailored to its audience. All MTV productions are done at Studiovision, a leading regional production powerhouse with studios in Lebanon and Dubai. The partnership with Studiovision has delivered groundbreaking programming of the highest production value with one of the largest viewership across the Arab speaking world. and the MTV mobile app are Lebanon’s number one source for breaking news, live streaming and on-demand broadcasting.


MTV‘s scope is focused towards full-scale quality of the experience rather than just quality of content. MTV works to maintain its leading position as the go-to web portal and mobile app for breaking news, live broadcasting and on-demand delivery content.

With all new ways viewers have to watch TV, MTV Lebanon wants to offer their viewers a unified experience whether they are watching traditional linear broadcasting or benefiting from the many advantages of live and on-demand OTT streaming.


ITWorksME and MTV are working together to fulfill a vision for an end-to-end broadcasting experience.  By aligning linear and VOD tools, the MTV media broadcasting content benefits from more powerful scheduling tools, supported by powerful viewer behavior data, secure and safe storing, and on-demand viewing solution. MTV viewers freely move between TV, browsers and mobile app as a single viewing unit. ITWorksME AVS enables a scalable media management and delivery application to securely upload, store, encode and package video content for both on-demand and live streaming. Additionally, our AVS includes indexing features to enhance discoverability, simply distribution, and monetize.  Through and our DVR capabilities moving from live content to on-demand programming takes only a couple of clicks.


  • Advanced tools to track broadcasting rights and optimize content distribution to linear and VOD platforms in one integrated experience
  • AVS and VOD functionality including scheduling, media rights, material preparation, publishing, and workflow automation.
  • A VOD platform that merges linear and VOD data structures
  • Fast repackaging and repurposing of live big productions such as Dancing with the Stars through push to social media platforms and archive for on-demand consumption
  • Simultaneous video clippings minutes after original broadcast
  • Management of social media platforms


  • The ITWorksMe team embodies the spirit of innovation and advancement that we look for in our partners. By always striving to be at the forefront of technology and an irreproachable service support they have been a major contributor to MTV’s successful journey into the online world.
  • Through our on-going collaboration with ITWorksMe, we have been able to maintain the same top standard of delivery. We really rely on their support and trust their skills and responsiveness.
  • With no high satellite subscription costs, no restriction to time differences at opposing sides of the world, OTT and on-demand viewing has changed the way we watch TV. It’s a fact that livestreaming has helped MTV reach its audience around the globe. By just click any computer, tablet or mobile device anywhere, anytime, our viewers can enjoy the same experience as watching MTV’s linear broadcasting.
  • VODPLATFORMTM has helped us improve our web traffic. It has also helped improve our sales by enabling 3rd-party ads integration through direct sale and networks.
  • We make full use of the VODPLATFORMTM including push to Facebook and Twitter during video upload which has been a huge time saver and a feature our audiences love because they know we get the content out first and it allows us to interact with them.
  • We can’t say enough about ITWorksMe responsiveness and readiness to resolve any issue 24/7. We can count on their presence at critical broadcasting events and on days-off, because like hospitals TV stations never close and neither does our live online media broadcasting services.
  • We feel very safe uploading our content into ITWorksME With 24/7 monitoring we are ensured nothing will be lost because uploaded files are located within the CDN data center then securely stored within the VODPLATFORMTM cloud infrastructure.
  • We had a few instances of server crash, but our live broadcast was unaffected because stream is automatically redirected to another server.
  • Through the VODPLATFORMTM we are ensured that our content will never be redirected to a third party without our approval. Our content is displayed in streaming format so there is no option to download it from inside the player.
  • One of the best video hosting solution out there. Through our long journey with ITWorksME we never had any issues. ITWorksME supports video hosting of our original video content, we upload large archives via FTP and host previous live events as video on demand through a simple browser based uploader.
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