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  • Email Setup in Outlook 07
  • Recover Hotmail Password
  • Email Setup in Outlook 10/13
  • HP Printer Installation
  • Cartridge Alignment

Setup your Email in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Download the attached file or just follow the steps below:
  • Open Outlook
  • Go to Tools > Account Settings
  • Click on New to Create a New Account
  • Select Manually Configure... and Click Next
  • Select Internet Emails... and Click Next
  • Fill out the form. BE CAREFUL to use your entire E-mail address as User Name
  • Click on More Settings ...
  • Select My outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication (Important Note: If you are using an outgoing mail server (SMTP) supplied byyour ISP, You should skip step8)
  • Click Next then Finish

Recover Hotmail Password

Did you lose access to your Hotmail / MSN / Live account and cannot reset your password using normal techniques (like Secret Question / Answer or Alternate Email)?
If yes, here is the link that allows you to “try” to recover your account by contacting Microsoft directly.
Click on the link above and fill in as much information as possible. Make sure you use an email address that you have access to. The more information you provide (contacts in your address book, folders, email activity, etc.) the more convincing your request will be for the staff member who will be reviewing your request.
Normally, if convinced, Microsoft will simply reset your account password and send it over to the email address that you provide. Pay attention not to get confused between the stolen account email address and the email address that you want to receive the recovered password on.

Set up email in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013

You can set up Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 to access your account by typing your email address and password. Outlook uses a process called Autodiscover to automatically find your settings and set up an Exchange connection to your account.

If you’re an Office 365 user, you need to set up your desktop before you can set up Outlook to access your account. For more information, see

How to Find Software and Drivers for Your HP Printer

HP offers a variety of print drivers and software on the product CD and the HP Web site. Visit this link below for more info

Solving Print Cartridge Alignment Problems

Step one: Examine the paper the alignment page was printed on

Step two: Does the alignment page print correctly

Step three: Perform an print cartridge cleaning procedure

Step four: Try to align the page again

For more info please visit this link: