Content Delivery Network

ITWorksCDN is an ITWorksMe product engineered and developed in Q4 of 2012 to provide Arab’s abroad a successful experience while watching media content. Our content delivery network, has took into consideration today’s media demand, therefore we have worked to have HD streaming enabled as well as adaptive delivery based on connection speed. Our content delivery network “CDN” has built in load balancing, load checking, system diagnostic, dynamic memory allocation, service monitoring that allows us to provide 100% network SLA.

Live Streaming

Content delivery network use:

Our content delivery network "ITWorksCDN" has been first used for live streaming. We were looking at providing our clients a new experience thus, our aim was to deliver live content from the nearest geographic location possible, taking into consideration security and latency. We have developed our own security modules in order to combat hot linking and to succeed one of our features "pay for real audience". Moreover, we have developed many different features across our content delivery network thus we were able to provide one of the fastest live playback. Moreover, we have upgraded our network connectivity and disabled all kind of lan connection by connecting directly our servers to fiber cables.

Video on demand

Content delivery network use:

In the mid of 2013, we have noticed that media companies video on demand service demand is growing. Despite other media services companies, we have decided to build our own platform for video on demand service, "VOD Platform". Our main focus in video on demand service, was to provide a fast and strong platform for media owners where they can with few clicks upload and deliver there content through an easy to use platform. Our content delivery network was again upgraded in order to handle media caching, and transmuxing thus we can deliver the content in multiple bitrates for any device. Moreover we have added into our video on demand platform two important features, one that creates from your high bitrate video multiple bitrates outputs "Transcoder" the other is smart device detection thus we deliver to smart phones, tablets and smart TVs the adequate bitrate.