About Us

Mission and vision

“To lead the market as the most advanced IT company”
Our mission is to become the leading IT Company in Lebanon market and advance IT infrastructure regionally. All the while increasing the efficiency and productivity of our customers by improving the way they work.
We believe that our employees are the heart that drives our company and we strive to satisfy them and create a stimulating working environment for them.
Moreover, we continuously work on providing the right return on investment for our investors to insure our constant growth.


To maintain the highest level of ethics in our business.
To serve all the technological needs of our customers, and ensure their satisfaction.
To ensure that our customers only receive the best quality service from our company.
To uphold an organization that is always flexible, results oriented and never bureaucratic.
To be highly efficient in everything that we do.


By listening to the needs of our clients, our goal is to provide unbiased and truthful consultancy as well as a multitude of services that give our customers the solution matching their exact needs; to diversify our range of services and expertise to serve as much of our clientÕs needs as possible without compromise to the high level of skills we offer.To accomplish this, we will represent buyers and sellers with the highest degree of professionalism and objectivity.

Organizational hierarchy

At ITWorksMe, our main concern is to serve you and your needs the best we can. We want to make sure that you will always be satisfied with our client service and follow-up by insuring that the relation we have with our customers reflects our flat organization that increases productivity. Expected response to customer feedback is much more rapid, since the interaction between workers is more frequent and interaction between workers and the client is much more personal.
We have also maintained this flat hierarchy throughout the different levels of the company by elevating the level of responsibility of employees and eliminating layers of middle management, comments and feedback reach all personnel involved in decisions more quickly.

Investor relations

Our objective is to become a leader in the technology market. Using our portfolio to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, our primary financial goals are to maximize earnings and cash flow, and to allocate investment capital towards growth that will drive long-term shareholder relations.
We are always looking for new investors interested in a well defined and successful business model, increasing our services and augmenting our market share.
Moreover, ITWorks is also interested in new investment opportunities, technologies and products.

IT Man of the year 2013

Salloum El Dahdaah

Technical Manager / Partner

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