Live Streaming

Stream with low latency, your live or video on demand content to any browser or mobile device* through our content delivery network "CDN" optimized for the Arab abroad. With instant transcoding service we achieve multiple delivery outputs known as multiple bitrates or adaptive bitrate delivery "MBR". Our live streaming solution supports up to thousands of concurrent visitors. Take your radio station or tv station online just by activating our live streaming service.

Live Audio Streaming

Online Radio Channel

Radio streaming or audio streaming, more specifically, means taking the audio signal and broadcasting it live over the Internet. The process involves an encoder to digitize the content, an audio publisher where the streams are made available to potential end-users and a content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content in an optimized way. Our live audio platform allow delivery on different platforms such as TuneIn, Windows media player, iTunes, Winamp, mobile devices*, and known desktop browsers.


(Video on demand)

Video on demand service, allows your audience to watch any missed episode at a later time, this service is known by “rerun”. VOD Platform, a new product launched by ITWorksME, allows you to upload your content in a high bitrate while.the platform take care of the rest from transcoding to multiple thumbnails creation, video posters, advertising tags, multiple bitrate delivery, etc… Enhance your portal traffic, by driving your audience to watch any show in an optimised delivery on your website. Our VOD Platform is built in a way that allows you to use any content delivery network “CDN” including ITWorksMeCDN service, designed by our engineers and optimized for the MENA region "Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Saudia Arabia 'KSA' and Egypt".

Check out our Content Delivery Network "CDN"
  • High Performance
  • High Availability
  • Low Latency
  • Offload traffic
  • Cost Efficient
  • Live Statistics
  • 100% SLA
  • Improved Security
  • Optimized Delivery