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ITW Team

We have more than 20 years of experience in IT solutions, support and hosting services
Dominic Halajian
Dominic Halajian
General Manager
Managing a technology company requires not only long-term planning but short-term risk mitigation strategies as well. It is paramount for a technology company director to continuously improve on his knowledge and involvement in all matters legal, managerial, technical, and financial.

Dominic Halajian is the General Manager of ITWorksMe. He is responsible for the planning, coordination, and development of the business operations to help us achieve our corporate and customer goals. He is also responsible for reviewing ITWorksMe’s effectiveness by putting in place processes, overseeing staff, and ensuring that the company has a motivating work environment. Dominic ensures that we serve you better by upholding excellence standards.
Salloum el Dahdaah
Salloum el Dahdaah
Chief Technology Officer
For a company to grow in a competitive landscape, it is imperative for it to have a technical leader with a disruptive mindset and who always thinks two steps ahead. Salloum el Dahdaah is the innovation engine behind ITWorksMe that represents the core of its values and development strategy. Salloum is a technology guru with over 10 years of experience in cloud security, virtualization, and software development.

In his role as the Chief technology officer at ITWorksMe, Salloum is responsible for outlining our technological vision, implementing our technology strategies, and ensuring that all our technological products align with our business and our clients’ needs. Salloum ensures that we remain on top of the technology developments and trends. He helps ITWorksMe maintain a client-focused outlook and deliver topnotch and disruptive IT products to clients.

Patrick Haddad

Project Manager
In IT projects, there is a need for all team members to stay motivated if productivity will be achieved. As the project Manager at ITWorksMe, Patrick is responsible for ensuring that all projects are completed in time and to the satisfaction of our clients and other stakeholders. He is also in charge of budget control, ensuring all projects are within the budget.

Patrick has 13 years of experience in project development strategy and implementation, ensuring that all stakeholders remain motivated for the successful completion of projects.

Mark Bou Khalil

Senior IT Support Officer
Mark Bou Khalil serves as the Senior IT Support Officer at ITWorksMe. He has over 7 years of experience in supporting clients' IT needs in a wide range of industries. He is also experienced in the planning, implementation, and maintenance of IT projects for our customers.

As a senior IT support officer, Mark is responsible for ensuring that our client’s needs are met in a fast and timely way, as well as all our IT solutions remain stable, secure, and scalable. He is always there to keep our clients updated on their projects, making sure that all our customers’ needs are met and their systems remain secure.

Joseph Haddad

IT Sales Consultant
Joseph Haddad serves as the IT sales Consultant at ITWorksMe. He has over 10 years of experience in consultancy and management of broadcasting projects, streaming, and digital solutions. His experience also spans across searching for optimal IT business solutions to ensure the growth and stability of organizations.

As an IT Sales Consultant, Joseph is tasked with ensuring that ITWorksMe remains ahead in the IT broadcasting industry and our team stays up to date with the latest IT solutions.

Georges Darazi

Procurement & Logistics Manager
Georges Darazi serves as the procurement & logistic manager at ITWorksMe. He has 19 years of experience in the implementation of IT AND ICT projects. He also has experience as a consultant in IT purchasing and hardware consultancy. His experience also spans across international procurement and logistics. Georges also boasts of experience in the management of product warranty and repair.

With his background and experience, Georges is tasked with ensuring that ITWorksMe remains up to date with the latest technology in the computing and electronics industry, that the company gets the value for money in hardware purchasing decisions, a benefit that is passed to our customers through competitive prices.

Jad Nohra

Head of Hosted Services
Jad Nohra is our head of hosted services. With over 7 years of experience in hosting infrastructure and support, Jad is responsible for ensuring that that all our managed services and servers remain stable and secure. His experience also spans into the application and web security, a background that is aligned with our customer needs. Jad also boasts of experience in high-availability solutions, a skill that ensures our client's infrastructure has a higher than normal up-time.

Jad has experience in team management and development. This is why he is tasked with ensuring that the support team at ITWorksMe remains responsive and productive. He always stays up to date with technological advancement in his field, enabling us to remain ahead of the competition.

Victor Younes

Head of Maintenance Services
As the head of the maintenance service at ITWorksMe, Victor Younes has over 7 years of experience in IT consultancy. As a former IT consultant, Victor has a wealth of experience in planning, designing, and implementation of IT projects. His experience also spans into networking, server management, security, enterprise solutions, and much more. Victor has also brought to the company his experience in team leadership and organization.

With his wealth of experience, Victor’s core duty is to ensure that all our client’s IT projects are successful. He is tasked with to constantly improve all projects and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Jinane Obeid

Accounting and Office Manager
Jinane Obeid serves as the Accounting and office manager. She boasts of 11 years of experience in the accounting and auditing field. Her experience spans across team management and regulatory accounting reporting standards. These skills have helped ITWorksMe to meet the international financial reporting standards. Her skills have helped the company to comply with all tax regulations.

She is responsible for the compilation and presentation of budgets, business plans, reports, financial statements, and commentaries. She ensures that all the financial statements and budgets are accurate by analyzing the accounts, budgets, and business plans. Jinane is also tasked with providing financial forecasts and carrying out a risk analysis as well as ensuring the company remains cash-flow stable and the stability of the cost center.

Farah Masri

Human Resources Manager
Farah Masri serves as the human resources manager at ITWORKSME. she boasts of over 15 years of experience in human resources management and strategic HR planning. Farah's experience also spans across finding the right talent and planning for succession. She also has a wealth of experience in policies and procedures formulation and designing the right implementation on tools.

At ITWorksME, Farah is responsible for ensuring that the team members remain productive while maintaining the highest levels of standards. She is also tasked with ensuring that all employees remain motivated and continue to grow. In her role as the human resources manager, Farah is also responsible for updating the succession plan and, therefore, mitigating risks. Farah is tasked with creating a positive, dynamic, and challenging work environment for all staff.
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