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Our clients share their experience with ITWorksMe business support and consultancy

Robert Sayegh

CEO at Softimpact
They simply make things work offering a premium service. I always recommend ITWorksMe, it is a win win situation, the client wins a premium service and ITWorksMe increases their clients’ portfolio. I wish them to keep up the good work.

Jamale Rassi

Project Consultant at Nidaa el Watan
They answer quickly and find solutions easily. Very helpful when it comes to IT consultancy. Honest company, professionals, kind and always at our service.

Malek Tambourgi

Director of Storytelling at Sky Management

Sky Management Holding is the premier hospitality management firm in the region. With years of experience in hospitality & entertainment, its commitment to the highest professional standards, creativity & attention to detail is unwavering. Prior to working with ITWorksMe, Sky Management had no proper IT, infrastructure & thus no assistance on call that could help swiftly resolve any issue. The transition from having no IT to working with ITWorksMe was very smooth as ITWorksMe quickly helped the group set a clear structure for the head office & all of its outlets making the process seamless. The ITWorksMe team is swift in its response, trustworthy & most importantly committed to ensure a top notch service. They are explicit in explaining a problem & guiding along through the entire process. They have never failed to make sure central office & venues were fully and properly operational at all times whether in regards to our POS systems, WiFi networks or web presence to state a few.

Joey Jabra

Head of operation at Societe Jabra
I like that they are: fast, responsive, professional, knowledgeable in their field, young & passionate. Extremely useful in the sense that there is always an answer to every problem, and every member of the team is ready to help and has all the knowledge to assist us at any moment. I would definitely recommend ITWorksMe because I have had a great experience with them for the past couple of years and I trust their judgement in providing a decent and honest service. Keep doing a great job and keep hiring young and talented people.

Mark Habka

Managing Partner at Beirut Legal

ITWorksMe support team immediately respond and they follow up after any reported incident. They are very helpful, flexible with the timing and always try to help us avoid incurring extra costs therefore we recommend working with them. We have been ITWorksMe customers for 5 years, they were not only our IT support, but also our consultants. We thank them for their support, especially during this harsh & exceptional situations.