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Global Internet Outage, ITWorksME resolves issue immediately with multi-CDN plan


In a major global internet outage on Sunday, users worldwide reported that they were unable to access their websites. The interruption that occurred just before midday has been termed one of the biggest outages in the recent past and affected regions such as the United States, Britain, Japan, the Middle East, France, and Brazil.

A spike in outages online was reported, and many sites and online services, including eBay, Twitter, Hulu, Play Station, and Xbox Live, were affected. Online Security giants and web performance experts, Cloudflare reported that they were aware of the issue. They added that some of the services affected included digital services and data centers across the globe.

The outage happened due to a bug that affected CenturyLink, a US-based telecom company based in Monroe, Louisiana. The company posted a status update on their website saying the outage was caused by a problem at their data center cloud network that affected CDN delivery and access to the internet. They didn’t give an update on the estimated restoration time.

At ITWorksMe, we are happy to report that our technicians were able to resolve the issue for our clients within a few minutes by switching to our backup plan. Our backup plan was designed and built to mitigate this kind of international failure by routing our clients' services through different providers. We use a multi-CDN approach to ensure that such outages do not affect our client’s websites and online services.  We strive to provide reliable services that do not interrupt our client's businesses.

To prevent such outages from interrupting your website and online services, you need a reliable IT partner who can resolve such issues swiftly.  Our fast resolution to the worldwide internet outage is a testament to our topnotch services.

Contact ITWorksMe today and make sure you are ready for whatever technology challenge comes next.

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