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Digital Decluttering: Easy steps to declutter your PC


In the same way physical clutter at home or workspace can cause stress and be overwhelming, clutter build-up in our everyday digital sphere can cause distraction and lower productivity. 

It is time to declutter your digital life, create more space by prioritizing your digital needs, and maintain high-performance. 


Get started with desktop de-cluttering on your PC following these easy steps:


Disposable Clutter: 


o   Clean up your systems by uninstalling old and unused applications.

o   Remove the shortcuts of applications that you rarely use.

o   Use Free tools like "Duplicate Cleaner" to find duplicate files and get rid of them.

o   Clean up your browsers by auditing your extensions and disable/remove unused ones.

o   Audit your internet bookmarks and delete unused ones.

o   Clear out cookies and temporary internet files.

o   Use Free tools like "TreeSize Free" to find and delete old data folders in unusual places, space-wasting documents, and temporary data folders.

o   Filter programs that launch on startup.

o   Empty your Recycle Bin and your downloads folder.


Homeless Clutter: 


o   Make sure all folders have readable names that make sense (avoid "folder 1" or "data").

o   Clean up your desktop and home screen by moving all documents and folders to “My documents”.

o   Group as many items as possible in separate folders.

o   Audit your Files / Folder Structure and sort them by type or date. 

o   Review your saved passwords / login details (password management software, browsers & other locations).


Sentimental Clutter: 


o   Archive old emails and backup the archive file to a separate external storage device. 

o   Move pictures and videos to a separate storage and back up another copy on an external storage device.




Digital decluttering helps you focus on what is important in your daily scope of work. It reduces stress and boosts productivity. Do not get yourself caught in the grip of digital hoarding and follow a minimalist strategy for more efficiency and less confusion. 

And make sure to keep a copy of all your data on an external storage device kept in a secure location.


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