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Here are all the good reasons to update your device and applications today


Here are all the good reasons to update your device and applications today

Here are all the good reasons to update your device and applications today


We often get this pop-up alert asking us to update our mobile operating systems or computer software and our usual reflex is to click on the "Remind me later" button. Whether we don’t want to stop what we are doing or we barely have enough space as it is, this delay tactic is rarely the best option.


Tech experts universally agree that failing to update your software, firmware, or apps will jeopardize the stability and safety of your machines. Delaying updates puts your personal information at risk, leaves you open to substantial security risks, and misses improved functionality.


Firmware and Driver update


Firmware is the essential piece of code that is responsible for the core functions of our machines. Firmware updates are crucial to allow devices to operate effectively with the latest functionalities, enhanced security, and increased lifespan of the same hardware.

By updating the firmware, you can increase compatibility between hardware and software, explore newly added features with optimized performance of the device driver, and even enhance the device's overall performance.

The same applies to smartphone operating systems designed to help mobile apps communicate with each other. If you update the apps but not the OS, your apps may not work correctly. In short, updates to the OS, Firmware, and drivers allow you to take advantage of advanced operational and security improvements without the need for hardware upgrades.


Security and vulnerability patching


Regularly updating the software and applications of your device will keep you protected against security threats. Older software will put your systems at risk as they will hold the same bugs and backdoors that allow hackers and cybercriminals to have access to your devices and wreak havoc.

The Sony Pictures hack in 2014 highlights the severity of these kinds of attacks. If infected, the risk will not be limited to your device but will endanger the devices of your family and friends.  Viruses can quickly spread via private and work email networks, USBs, flash drives, and removable hard drives, making outbreaks fast and all too common.


Similarly, when mobile apps are not updated, cybercriminals can exploit unpatched vulnerabilities and security flaws and use them to attack the smartphone's owner or incur significant data breaches, including: 



·      Stealing personal information and application access

·      Reading personal or work emails, notes, and other files

·      Sending fake text messages on your behalf

·      Loading viruses onto your phone without your knowledge

·      Conducting financial transactions using your online payment accounts


New features and bug fixes


If you don’t update your software, operating system, and apps, you won't take full advantage of the new features and bug fixes. With every new update, developers work persistently to improve functionality and add new and improved features and ensure peak performance. One of the benefits of updating your software and applications is taking advantage of these added values with each update. 


Better user experience


Interface fixes and better user experience are some of the most common updates to apps and OS. These updates usually come with

increased speeds and faster loading times, making your daily experience much smoother.


Follow these steps to check for updates on the most used platforms:



Open the Apple menu and select About this Mac.

Click Software Updates.

If any are available, you will have the option to install them.



Open the start menu and select Settings.

Select Update & Security Settings, then select Windows Update.

Click Check for Updates. If any are available, you will have the option to install them.



Open the Settings app and tap General.

Tap Software Update.

If any are available, you will have the option to install them.



Open the Settings app and go to the System section.

Tap About Phone.

Tap System Updates.

Tap Check for Update. If any are available, you will have the option to install them.


Update your computer, phone software, and apps and delete the ones you don’t use as they could be a window for malware and cyber-attacks. Keeping up with new patches will also save you money, as you will benefit from new and improved functionalities without the need to buy new devices.


You can have your phone or computer automatically download and install updates based on a schedule that fits yours.

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