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Celebrating a Decade of Dedication: Honoring Jad Nohra, Our Longest-Serving Colleague

Celebrating a Decade of Dedication: Honoring Jad Nohra, Our Longest-Serving Colleague
At a recent company gathering in Beirut, we had the pleasure of recognizing a remarkable colleague who has reached a significant milestone. Amidst the vibrant ambiance of local restaurants, we celebrated the impressive ten-year journey of our very own Jad Nohra, Technical and Operations Manager, with ITWORKS ME.

The event exuded warmth, gratitude, and unity as we honored Jad's unwavering commitment with a prestigious award—a gleaming gold coin engraved with our company logo, his name, and a heartfelt greeting. ITWORKS ME CEO Dominic Halajian and CTO Salloum el-Dahdaah expressed their sincere gratitude, acknowledging the collective efforts of the team in contributing to our company's growth and success.

Jad Nohra humbly expressed his gratitude and loyalty, reinforcing his dedication to our remarkable team and shared vision. In his own words, Jad shared, "I'm grateful for the recognition you've given me. It feels amazing to know that I'm on the right track and that my contributions are valued. Receiving the award was an incredible experience, and it has motivated me to keep proving myself as an asset to the team. I'm excited to continue making a positive impact and working together with all of you. 10 years down, now let’s go for twenty!"

This heartfelt gathering exemplified our strong bond and appreciation for one another, emphasizing the value we place on recognizing our employees' dedication. Looking ahead, we will continue to foster a culture that values and celebrates our employees' remarkable contributions.

Our gatherings will serve as platforms for celebration, reflection, and gratitude, inspiring us to reach new heights. Congratulations to our longest-serving colleague, and deepest gratitude to our entire team for their unwavering commitment.

Together, we will continue to thrive and drive our company to greater success.

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