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Nuxt.js | How to Scale Up Without Losing your SEO Optimization Efforts


Nuxt.js | How to Scale Up Without Losing your SEO Optimization Efforts


In the recent past, we have seen an increase in the adoption of Nuxt.js, an open source framework that has made web development simple and powerful. Built on the popular Vue.JS framework, it has been marketed as a seo-friendly upgrade; however, it needs to be used with SSR (server side rendering) approach. 

One of the benefits of the SSR approach is that the meta data is pre-rendered in the HTML pages. However the downside of having an SSR is that you will need to install a Node server which will require more processing power. This makes scaling an expensive affair. So what are your options?


Severless technology/


You can use  serveless technology or However, the limitation of these two options is that you either have old SEO data that is different from the updated data on the backend or you need to trigger rendering for your pages for the update to take effect. However, each render time will cost money and some platforms are limited for rendering 1 time per 24 hours.


SPA target mode


Alternatively, you can use the SPA target mode in the framework and scale your site using a CDN. The site will be able to serve a huge number of clients. Again this comes with the downside of losing all your SEO efforts.


How  ITWorksMe can help


At ITWorksMe, we have created a solution that enable you to scale up on Nuxt.js without losing the SEO optimization efforts of your site. Our engineers have created a solution that relies on Nginx web server to enable you scale up while remaining SEO-friendly.

We do this by configuring on Nginx, different routes logic. We upload the application on the server twice. We serve SEO bots from the SSR solution while we serve modern browsers from the SPA solution.

By taking this approach we guarantee that your pages are rendering correctly for SEO and have the same updates that your SPA solution has on modern browsers. 

Applying this approach allows us to scale up and benefit from SEO without having to cater for additional non-necessary cost.


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