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Why you need to use a password manager


Why you need to use a password manager

Websites get hacked and personal data get stolen; passwords get reused. Hackers use the stolen credentials from low-security websites to gain access to more critical websites and applications.


Simply put, that is why you should: 

Create unique and strong passwords for every single service, website, or application you use. 

Do not use weak and short passwords.


But how would you keep track of all these random and complex passwords? What about saving passwords in the browser and on the device?


Browsers are not as secure as we would like them to be, and in some cases, even encrypted passwords can be stolen from browsers using infected plugins or malware. 


The best option is to use an end-to-end encrypted password manager. These applications allow you to:

Create random and secure passwords.

Store your information in encrypted form only.

Fill the passwords in online forms or on your mobile devices after authentication.

Check if any of your passwords have been reused or compromised.


Other premium or advanced features allow for:

Sorting and sharing passwords by function.

Adding credit cards and additional banking information securely.

Setting reminders to change passwords every few months. 

Encrypted file sharing.

And many more depending on the provider.


The most notable of these applications is Apple's Keychain which allows seamless authentication across all the devices. But this requires you to be fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem. 

If, however, you use other platforms, you may want to check out one of the below: 

LastPass is an application built by LogMeIn and is very popular worldwide with individuals and businesses (free version available).

Keypass is a free offline password manager for those who prefer to keep their files off the cloud. 

1password also a popular password manager that syncs across your devices (trial available). 


Thousands of people are getting their information stolen daily, don't be one of those people. 

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