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Ratio Plus Sarl


Ratio Plus Sarl, the distinguished owner of the Chopsticks chain restaurants and Cakeberry dessert shop

Ratio Plus Sarl
We are pleased to share another success story that underscores the successful partnership between ITWORKS ME and Ratio Plus Sarl, the distinguished owner of the Chopsticks chain restaurants and Cakeberry dessert shop. In our role as IT partners, ITWORKS ME adeptly addressed pivotal challenges within their IT infrastructure, providing innovative solutions that significantly enhanced operational efficiency.


Applications and Branch Connectivity:

The client’s users are distributed between several locations for both the back office and front office functions. Due to the centralization of the main software (ERP, POS, Accounting, etc.), the infrastructure needed to be highly reliable and redundant.


The infrastructure was revamped by changing the interconnection between the locations and optimizing the core network and the edges. A redundant route was also created using a backup source to ensure high availability. All cabinets were rearranged, labelled and upgraded to guarantee minimal troubleshooting time in case of any issue. A new and more robust firewall was deployed to increase security and protection across all networks.  

A new server was set up to host all the software solutions and the virtual terminals used by all users to access their applications.

Uptime and Data Loss:

The client had previously faced uptime issues and data loss which greatly affected operation.  


In addition to the redundancy at the infrastructure level, a new backup strategy was created based on the business needs and data retention policies. Several backups, replications (on-premises, Cloud-based and offline) and disaster recovery solutions were put into place and monitored by advanced systems to ensure that no matter the cause, the operation was secure.  

Call Center System upgrade:

The client wished to upgrade their Call Center system and operation.  


A new Call Center solution was implemented based on a new IPPBX system. The solution was configured and optimized to match the new company’s needs.  

Wi-Fi Solution upgrade:

All locations were facing issues offering a stable guest internet connection and providing a good coverage.  


A new, more secure solution was implemented, managed by a centralized controller, and optimized to offer high QoS for all guests. 


ITWORKS ME's collaboration with Ratio Plus Sarl has substantially enhanced its IT infrastructure. The centralization of software has notably improved accessibility, streamlining business processes. A comprehensive network restructuring has established a robust foundation for seamless day-to-day operations. Implementing firewall rules, firewalls, and VLANs has significantly fortified the overall security posture. Secure connections between branches have facilitated efficient data exchange, complemented by a multi-tiered backup approach that ensures data integrity and availability, thus minimizing the risk of loss. The upgraded IPPBX system has successfully addressed phone-related issues, contributing to a more efficient operation within the call center. Furthermore, the re-configured Wi-Fi connections have optimized stability and coverage across all branches and the main office, enhancing overall connectivity.

We at ITWORKS ME are proud to have played a pivotal role in transforming Ratio Plus Sarl's IT infrastructure, contributing to its continued success.
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