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UAQH, Hospitality


UAQH is a beach Hotel located in UAE. It is composed of several Guest Houses, a market and a restaurant.

UAQH is a beach Hotel located in UAE. It is composed of several Guest Houses, a market and a restaurant. The locations are interconnected using copper cables with a switch distributing Wifi and IPTV for every 3 to 5 guest houses. CCTVs are available in the entire location to provide surveillance. POS systems connected to the main server are distributed throughout the venue.
The Challenges
UAQH was facing significant problems in their network systems, the network was unstable and insecure, in addition the guest Wi-Fi was unorganized and there was no IT personnel in the company to monitor and fix IT related issues. Another problem was that the CCTV system was not accessible from outside the hotel internal network.
The Solution
ITWorksMe professional team optimized the network performance by installing managed switches, configuring VLANs and Access lists to secure the network and adding an extra redundant link between guest houses for high availability, and to increase the security measures, a dedicated firewall was installed with defined inbound, outbound and QOS rules. In order to manage and monitor Guest Wi-Fi access, ITWorksMe Team implemented a cloud based hotspot solution, we also implemented a remote support solution to help configure, manage, monitor and fix network hardware, and in addition, we Configured secure access to the CCTV system from outside the Hotel through one of ITWorksMe's dedicated hosted servers.
The Results
ITWorksMe's intervention transformed the company network to a well-designed, secure and stable system, our work reduced the risk of falling victim of data theft and sabotage and even data loss, the system is now very well monitored, the CCTV system can now be accessed from anywhere, which improved the employees productivity, our remote support system manages the network technical issues for the company, so they can focus on running their business efficiently, and without worry.
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