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Regency Palace Hotel, Hospitality


Regency Palace Hotel network is divided to 3 categories: POS system, local network and Guest Wifi.

Regency Palace Hotel network is divided into 3 categories: POS system, local network and Guest Wifi. The main goal of the hotel is to provide exceptional lodging facilities and services to its guests.
The Challenges
Regency Palace Hotel was facing slow, unstable and insecure network connections in their system. In addition, the guest Wi-Fi was unorganized and unmanaged. Another problem was the obsolete hardware which was imposing high security risks due to its outdated software in addition to slowing the overall workflow. Their emails were being detected as spam causing important emails to be unread when delivered to the recipient. On a server level, the hardware was outdated as well with no robust backup plan causing significant downtime each time the server gets faulty or the software goes defective. Finally, the implemented VOIP solution was malfunctioning.
The Solution
ITWorksMe professional team optimized the network performance by installing managed switches, configuring VLANs and separating the Wi-Fi and guest network from the local LAN. In order to manage and monitor Guest Wi-Fi access ITWorksMe Team implemented a cloud based hotspot solution. Since O365 was not an option, a local mail server acting as multi-pop was installed and outgoing emails were routed through an authentic SMTP server to solve the spam issue. New hardware was provided to replace the old one and refurbishing the existing hardware was performed where possible. A high availability solution, with robust backup plan, was implemented to make sure the key business data and systems are available even during a disaster. The VOIP issue was fixed by allowing appropriate traffic on the firewall and implementing QOS rules to prioritize the VOIP traffic.
The Results
ITWorksMe intervention transformed the company network to a well-designed, secure and stable system, our work reduced the risk of falling victim of data theft and sabotage and even data loss. The new hardware improved the employees’ productivity. The servers high availability ensured the business continuity and with all emails
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